Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who is more deserving of contempt?

Obama's Cynicism by Mark Shea
“ Who is more deserving of contempt? The commander-in-chief who sends young Americans to die for a cause, however misguided, in which he sincerely believes? Or the commander-in-chief who sends young Americans to die for a cause in which he manifestly does not believe and yet refuses to forsake?”


“When they stand up, we’ll stand down.” 2011 draw down. New boss, same old lies. Bush, at any rate, was a sincere believer in the messianic mission to save the world at American gunpoint. But Obama’s excuse is what?

When Banks Are the Robbers By Amy Goodman

"The big banks that caused the collapse of the global finance market, and received tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bailouts, have likely been engaging in wholesale fraud against homeowners and the courts."

Corruption runs deep.

Here's the real kick in the ass: when the TV propagandists talk about economic problems, you'll notice they NEVER say A SINGLE WORD about the causes of the problems. Last night PBS (which I'm getting disgusted with, but there isn't any other channel to turn to!) had a story about the British austerity measures being enacted to deal with the economic problems. Not ONCE during the story was any mention made of the CAUSE of the economic problem.

Why not? Because to talk about it will lead to more talk, and eventually the need to put people on trial will get involved. So, to preempt that whole path to begin with, we don't talk about it. It's just like American's so-called devotion to Israel. If people were asked on a level playing field if our country should be on the line for that country, I have absolutely no doubt the American people would vote against any further support until they clean up their act. Maybe they wouldn't, but that isn't an American problem.

This isn't a Jewish problem because it's not all Jews causing these problems for America, but it's also true that a large percentage of those behind the problems are Jewish. Look at the signatures on the PNAC Statement of Principles, and look at media ownership and influence (now including PBS, the last bastion which died when Bill Moyers retired). I suppose many are Zionists, but I think that word misrepresents the gang somewhat as the majority who voted the Zionists in and support them may not be Zionists themselves. Anyway, I came up with the term "Soldiers of Israel", and to this day I can't come up with a better one. Too bad there needs to be a label, but the gang has to be called something, otherwise it's not real. Our plight today is very real, and if we want to set things right, we have to understand the root causes. So does England, BTW.

I want to say one thing very clearly: my problem isn't with people. I like all people. The problem I'm addressing has to do with philosophy. The Soldiers of Israel practice a philosophy that is completely unacceptable to me, yet was the driving force behind the American military invasion of the Middle East and the horror and suffering that resulted in for countless people. Media complicity in getting the invasion launched clear by so many facts, including the fact that the invasion of the Middle East has been called everything else but that. The invasion was never about Iraq or Afghanistan, it was to change the whole Middle East and insure it's countries are subordinate to America and our "ally" Israel. Finally, the treatment of the Palestinians is as barbaric as is the notion of preemptive war. These people do not deserve power, but they've seized it anyway. Now we have to take that power back, and time is of the essence.


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