Thursday, August 11, 2011

Israel Lobby Dominates Congress, Media Covers it Up

Israel Lobby Dominates Congress, Media Covers it Up by Alison Weir

I have written the following response to Alison Weir's article. I've posted it here because I don't wish to have something I've spent hours (indeed, years) preparing to slide into oblivion after the short life span of a comment to an article. This matter is far too important for such a fate.


Looking at reader comments so far, it appears that people responding to this article have either missed the point you're making, or they don't want to talk about it.

Bill Moyers and Tavis Smiley discussed this very effect tonight on Smiley's program. Moyers spoke about a recent study that concluded people will simply ignore facts that don't match their beliefs. This very situation is a perfect example of this effect.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Alison, for having the courage to write about the linkage between politics and media. I presume you are well aware of the dearth of people willing to discuss these facts and their consequences, no matter how crucially important they are to our country and the world.

Zionist power is not only the elephant in America's living room, but the most destructive force that ever existed. Zionist philosophy, partially expressed in the Neocon PNAC Statement of Principles and the teachings of Leo Strauss - now implemented - has already brought America to it's knees and now threatens to get unimaginably worse if we can't stop them. It's an incredible and bizarre story, but it's true. People have shunned me for saying it over the years, but these days it's taken on a ring of truth that can no longer be ignored.

For decades I've observed the situation you describe in depth: the massive degree of control the Zionists have over Congress and our information supply (being the mass media in all it's forms), and, of course, banking. Perhaps there are other areas similarly controlled, but these are the major players I've identified.

I've argued, intensely on occasion, about my concern for this power with anyone who would listen, only to discover people would not listen, no matter how well the case was presented. I've been ostracized by family, friends and co-workers not over the truth of the argument, but because they simply didn't want to hear it. But knowledge is a strange thing, because once you know something, you can't unlearn it. This particular knowledge has tormented me for years.

Some people are saying that only a revolution will oust the gang running Washington (and I'm throwing the media in because they are 2 sides of the same coin, the propaganda machine and the politicians).

I believe I have a better solution. Since I'm in the technology arena, I see it can be used to develop a money-free election system using the Internet and open source programmers around the world. Such a system will allow voters to first develop the list of issues that really matter to them, it would allow anyone to be a candidate for office, it would collect candidate and voter positions on the issues, and then help the voter to match his/her interests with the candidates, based on the issues.

The underlying premise is that we have no shortage of great people who are more then willing to do the right thing as our representatives - but the election system we have today actually keeps them from running. We need to reverse this situation as quickly as we possibly can.

As it happens, I have the knowledge, experience and skills to create the system I envision, and if I live long enough, and it's not done by someone else, I plan to do exactly this. I will relish demonstrating my program to folks at M.I.T. (my favorite college) while I ask they why they haven't done it or better.

Please keep talking until people start to listen. People like you, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges, and others are smarter and better writers then I. I know because I have been presenting on exactly this problem for decades now and have been stone-walled at every turn. It's hurt employment and self-employment tremendously, even family relations. But I simply cannot turn my back on "fact based knowledge", as Bill Moyers put it tonight.

I'm going to take the liberty to feel somewhat vindicated by your article, which pinpoints a very specific application of this control and clearly begs questions about other applications. A short list of other dupings of the America people include from the USS Liberty, Rachel Cory, Gaza, etc., and then there is the Whopper, the Big Kahuna, the most disastrous thing that ever happened to America: the military invasion of the Middle East.

Update: See The war without end is a war with hardly any news coverage by John Hanrahan for a similar story, this one on (the lack of) war reporting in Afghanistan, which includes links to further stories.

"The Pew Charitable Trust reported in January that for all of 2010 only 4 percent of the news hole in the nation’s newspapers was devoted to war news originating either in Afghanistan or the United States. (The ongoing war in Iraq fared even worse, with 1 percent coverage in 2010.)

More recently, in a July 18-24 survey, the Afghanistan war scored so low in coverage that it didn’t show up on the chart, meaning it was below 3 percent, after being at 5 percent the previous week. "

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