Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons of two wars: We will lose in Iraq and Afghanistan

Lessons of two wars: We will lose in Iraq and Afghanistan By Stephen M. Walt

A sad, but accurate and correct, commentary on the state of the invasion of the Middle East.

One thing about the reader comments is that Zionist protagonists are still coming up with clever things to say to obfuscate the situation.

It's a funny thing about words and language, that people can argue absolutely anything. Tell an arguer that the sky is blue and he'll jump all over it to prove it's not blue at all.

In order to understand and sort out the truth of matters, to the extent it can be done at all, one has to think and discern the underlying, fundamental attitude of the arguer. In the case of the military invasion of the Middle East, the Neocon/Zionist arguments for launching the invasion, the attitude was to protect and advance Israel's interests, although this was never publicly stated and had to be discerned by deduction, it was true then and remains true to this day.

America has been massively duped by this gang, and the sooner we realize this and boot them out of power, the sooner we can begin to make amends for the damage they've caused.

Which brings me to the next article of note:

Rick Perry and the Neocons by Philip Giraldi

"During the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, Israeli military officers and diplomats had free access to Feith’s offices and those of his boss, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. Both had been investigated earlier in their careers on suspicion of passing secrets to Israel — Feith in 1982, Wolfowitz in 1978. Analysts working for Feith who were not uncritically supportive of the U.S.-Israel relationship were weeded out. Feith’s sympathies were scarcely secret. In 2003, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice commented after a Feith presentation, “Thanks, Doug, but when we want the Israeli position we’ll invite the ambassador,” while Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson described Feith “as a card-carrying member of Likud.” "

Pew Research Evidence Corporate Media Connived to Ignore Ron Paul by Kurt Nimmo

Look at the chart leading this article

"Ron Paul’s message of liberty and restoration of the republic is so unpopular with the corporate media, they decided to spend more time and effort covering Donald Trump, who is not even a candidate. He also trails far behind Sarah Palin, who is not a candidate."

Ron Paul may not be perfect, but he's nailed foreign policy, and those Americans who listen to him support him enthusiastically. But he's bucking the system, and for that he's paying the usual price - as you can so plainly see by the chart and the story in this article.


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