Wednesday, August 3, 2011

War and Debt


"The present rise in U.S. Treasury debt results from two forms of warfare. First is the overtly military Oil War in the Near East, from Iraq to Afghanistan (Pipelinistan) to oil-rich Libya. These adventures will end up costing between $3 and $5 trillion. Second and even more expensive is the more covert yet more costly economic war of Wall Street against the rest of the economy, demanding that losses by banks and financial institutions be passed onto the government balance sheet (“taxpayers”). The bailouts and “free lunch” for Wall Street – by no coincidence, Congress’s number one political campaign contributor – cost $13 trillion."

Imperial Psychosis: We Pour Trillions into Empire While Gutting Programs Americans Depend On
By Tom Engelhardt

"Put another way, for months Americans have been focused on raising that debt ceiling, as onscreen countdown clocks ticked away to disaster. In the process, few have asked the obvious question: Isn’t it time to lower America’s war ceiling?"

Meet the Right-Wing Hatemongers Who Inspired the Norway Killer By Max Blumenthal

In case you're wondering where Anders Hans Breivik got his insane ideas.


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