Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fear as embraced by the warmonger and fear of the warmonger.

This is a particularly important article.

Not that it's content is anything new for those of us who have actually contemplated this subject, but because it speaks to the biggest problem we face when discussing - or attempting to discuss - it: the dichotomy between fear as embraced by the warmonger and fear of the warmonger.

Too often in speaking on this subject over the years, I've found myself feeling like I'm sending messages of fear to people, and for that reason I've held back and bit my tongue even though my gut is screaming otherwise.

If any of this isn't clear, I'll try to summarize it by saying this: the warmongers have not only suckered us (America and friends) into invading the Middle East for the purpose of establishing (their) authority in the region, they have fueled more then enough hatred for us then we can live with.

Justice. Again and again I will use this word in talking about what we need to do, because if there is one word that can summarize the solution to our massive problem, it is the application of justice as perceived not only by us but the rest of the world as well.

How do we achieve justice? Let's start by putting the people responsible for the duping of America and the launching of that invasion on trial for the monstrous war crimes they have committed in our name.

And we really can't waste a lot of time getting this done. It's the core reason for the gloom that's eating America alive. Nobody wants to connect the dots, but if you think the massive, debt-driven spending for their war has nothing to do with our economic woes, you really should think about it again.

What can you do? 1st and foremost, stop looking at the TV and print "news" as information and start seeing it for what it really is: propaganda that is too often owned, controlled or influenced by the warmongers. At the very least, seek out other sources of information - the Internet is still uncontrolled, so use it to contrast what the propaganda-programmers are telling you, and then you can form better and more useful opinions.


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