Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Madoff scandal

Don't know if you've been following the Madoff $50 billion scandal, but it's essentially a case where greedy, corrupt people who thought they were connected with an insider (they figured he must have been doing something illegal - i.e. insider trading - to get such high rates of return on their investments, because prudent people who looked into it, including his competitors, figured he was doing something illegal) all got burned because he was really operating a Ponzi scheme.

This story is a metaphor for what's turning America's core from golden to rotten: greedy, belligerent, arrogant, warmongering crooks who have been robbing us blind at every opportunity and are now operating on an unimaginable scale.

To be sure, capitalism is based on greed, so it's working as expected. The problem is that the counterweight, the opposing force that was supposed to defend us against the excesses of capitalism, has itself been eaten by this machine using a very simple device: campaign finance.

This isn't anything new. It's been going on forever, but what is new is the scale, magnitude and depth of the consequences - has flown off the charts.

What are we doing about it? We're electing people who say they are going to do something about campaign finance reform - evidently without realizing or caring that the people we are electing and trusting with this task are the very people who have used campaign contributions to get elected. That is, we've been trusting the foxes to guard the hen house. This is exactly why nothing actually changes.

When someone does take note and speaks up, what happens? First comes a few tons of clever bullshit that usually disposes of the opposition. If that doesn't work, the operators just dig a little into their dossier-mountain for some dirt (who is without sin?) and turn it over to their media wing who then puffs whatever the dirt is completely out of proportion and pile-driver pounds the message into the unconscious minds of people who trust their information supply. This is how it works. Why do you think that genuinely good people (Dennis Kucinich being an excellent example) who would have actually served America, were buried and crushed by the very election process we trusted would help us?

What really kills me is that even I can solve the core problem, therefore I have absolutely no doubt that hundreds of thousands or even millions of much more learned people also know what to do, yet nobody is actually doing anything! Is it that the power of our enemies-within has grown so formidable and deeply entrenched that we are all truly helpless?

On the off-chance that you may not be aware of solutions, I will write them up as time permits (I too am on the treadmill of working overtime just to survive).

Excuse my passion, but I speak for our country and people - including friends of mine - whose lives have been destroyed by the powers that are sucking America into the abyss.


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