Monday, December 29, 2008

Justin Raimondo and the politics of the Gaza Massace

The Politics of the Gaza Massacre by Justin Raimondo is a vitally important presentation.

We must stop this behavior. Our survival, and especially the world we are passing to our kids and their kids depends very much on what happens in the ME. And it ain't looking good.

Fact is, the direction was obvious from the day our military was launched on Iraq. Our farm was bet on the objective of securing authority in the ME, not so much for our oilmen and MI Complex guys, but as an 'existential' matter as declared by Israel's warmongers. Most people refused to accept, or even think about, the true nature and scope of that operation. Truth is that once our military was committed, there would be no turning back. This is why there was no plan for withdrawal - there wasn't going to be a withdrawal. Of course, that could only happen with a clear and sustainable military authority. Anything less and the word "Alamo" should come to mind.

Some of us did some reading up on the history of occupiers in the ME during the psych-up for the invasion. Seems too few of us did this little study, but for those who did, they learned that the occupier of a ME Muslim country has always been rejected and ousted by the occupied. Sometimes it takes longer then others, but the mission is clear and even unspoken: the occupier must go.

And that they (that is, us) will. Sooner or later. It's not a question of "if", but "when".

The bigger issue, what needs to matter most to us, is America's image in the world, because a world who doesn't care much for us may not be very helpful when we're attacked again. And we need the world's help because when this whole terrorism issue is resolved, it will be so by virtue of recognition that it's a police, and not a military, problem. One of the Big Lies perpetrated on us throughout the years of that invasion/occupation is the intense suffering we've caused so many completely innocent people.

On the prospect of another attack here - consider that the warmongers love attacks! Attacks get them all pumped up and manning the money hoses.

We get to pay - in blood, tears, money and the future of our country.

And the real kicker is that this (the neocon/aipac/mic/media) gang pulled all this off with such stealth that most people aren't even aware of their role. Thankfully we still have freedom of speech and the Internet. People like Justin Raimondo, Juan Cole and many others have emerged and are using it to present the side of the story that far too few people are aware. Yes, I have cross-checked and verified what these folks have to say (and you can do the same with some research).

It really is wake-up time! We're at a cross-roads again. We can be smart or we can be dumb. It's clear to me, and it should be clear to you, that dumb is to be arrogant and belligerent in such a dangerous world, and that's without even considering opportunities lost by their obsessions.

You may think "war doesn't scare me" and maybe cheered the Decider's "bring it on" speech, but I speak from experience to say that living in a state of war is so terrible and tragic that you will soon forget all of the bravado.

After all these years of the Iraqi occupation, we should by now be a lot more sober and far more conscious of the position we're in: the farm has been bet on gaining authority in the ME, and as this screw continues to turn, at some point, our fearless rulers are going to seize some excuse to convince us they have to choose between utter defeat (of their authority gambit), and using the big guns. Which do you think they will choose?

Wake up! Didn't Mumbai reminds us that it really takes just a handful of dedicated and determined people to pull off serious destruction. We Americans have millions of enemies now, thanks to that invasion. What do you think the odds are that some small groups will emerge? To say the least, the odds are stacked against us.

What to do? Back Vincent Bugliosi's call for a prosecutor to try Bush for murder. Such a trial will invariably put the spotlight onto the gang, and it will become clear they belong on trial for conspiring and defrauding Americans to war. Let's hope there is at least one prosecutor in this country with the guts to take this stand. I thought Patrick Fitzgerald would go for it, but for some reason he's obviously declining.

On Patrick Fitzgerald, here's an article on the subject: "But the good news in all of this is that Fitzgerald gets it. He sees into the ugly, greedy, oozing heart of the NeoCon kleptocracy, its mafia-like structure and the all-too-cozy overlap between the war party and the profiteers, and it pisses him off"

You may want to pass this link to Justin's article to your family and friends. The URL is or click here

I've got to get back to work, but I'll keep posting links to significant articles on the big picture of what's really happening over there until we solve it.



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