Thursday, May 21, 2009

The enemy within: our own information supply

There are some really important things we need to be very much aware of. I know I've harped on these issues before, and I run the risk of being called names, shouted down, etc., but I really do care about America and have spent considerate time and effort studying the big problems that beset this country and I'm every bit as determined to right these wrong as those in power are to continue perpetrating them.

1. Our information supply, the so-called 'mass media' defines our society. Like it or not, this is a fact and is the most significant player in the entire scheme of things.

There are a handful of barons who control the editorial content of most of the information shown on TV, newspapers and movies. What they've done with this power is one of histories greatest deceptions and atrocities. We are NOT what the barons tell us we are. This is most particularly true of the imagery that's been pounded a million times in bit-sized pieces by their machine into our unconscious minds about the basic nature of Christianity. The average Christian has nothing to do with so-called evangelicals, who have been puffed into prominence by the media hyping machine.

2. The media hype about torture is smoke and mirrors: the truly, unmentioned, monstrous crime was the invasion of Iraq, the killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the destruction wrought on that country - with similar behavior in Afghanistan and who knows which other country next.

Sure, the torture angle is a horrible component of this massive travesty, but it's dwarfed by the larger crimes. It's in the headlines because everyone knows horrible crimes have been committed and ultimately someone must be held accountable, so the heads of those behind the torture program are being offered - in lieu of the neocon gang who pulled off that invasion.

3. Media hype about our so-called concern for the middle east is absolution rubbish. Americans care about America first, and our position in the world second. The media barons are absolutely unrelenting in pushing their concern over the Middle East into our faces and our unconscious minds, and they've created an illusion that people believe others believe, but the truth is very different.

4. If we're going to salvage what's left of America, before it's too late, we must remove big money control over Washington. The technology exists to make this possible, and we do have the will to do it. What we lack is organization, the essence of which exists in our information supply - the very thing we're deprived of and which is working against us. The Internet offers the potential to rectify this massive problem, but only if we can further it's development until it does serve as an organization vehicle serving we the people. Make no mistake about this: those with the power/money/control today are in hyper-drive to do something about the Internet so this never happens. The saddest part is that we're one attack away from them declaring the Internet a tool of our (read: their) enemy, at which time they will make their move to seize control of it - using technology being developed for China today. People need to understand that computer technology, once developed, can be replicated very, very quickly.


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