Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The New Neocons

Read The New Neocons The left wing of the War Party raises its ugly head by Justin Raimondo

- "suffice to say that these worthies were the real intellectual authors of the Iraq war."

- "It took them a good decade, but in the end they succeeded: both major political parties are now committed to their program of endless military intervention in the Middle East, with the only differences being tactical."

- "In order to bamboozle the American public into believing that this was a defensive and justifiable war, the neocons and their allies came up with various arguments ...

- "The campaign to link the two figures in the public mind was so successful that, to this day, there are a large number of people who believe Saddam Hussein authored the 9/11 attacks"

- "CNAS is the new American Enterprise Institute in that it is left-neocon central in the way that AEI and PNAC performed a similar function during the Bush years."

- "I can’t help but look and marvel at the disparate character of their antipode – this Web site. They’re spending millions to promote the same old militaristic blather, albeit under the banner of an ersatz liberalism, while we’re in the midst of a fundraising drive to raise a relatively measly $70,000 to continue operating. I’ll bet CNAS, which is feeding at the federal trough, spends that much every quarter on lunch!"


And read How to Make the Neocons Crazy About the Middle East: Tell Them the Truth By Ira Chernus

- "Hamas has long endorsed a two-state solution, but when the NY Times reported it, kooky neocon Charles Krauthammer went unhinged."


And don't miss this article Stop ‘Helping’ Af-Pak by Rep. Ron Paul for a compelling - but oh, so obvious - account on why we must stop what's happening in the ME.

He must be getting tired of speaking the same old truths when nobody seems to care much or even be listening. I hear him, and I feel every bit as strongly, but the powers-that-be do have a way of wearing people down and out. As Justin Raimondo of says, it's hard to get the meager contributions it takes to keep his excellent website running, compared to the millions poured into every crevice of the the war party machine. It's incredible, when you think about it.


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