Monday, May 11, 2009

"You can't handle the truth"

"But I believe, resources or no, that our mission there requires new thinking and new approaches from our military leaders," he said. "Today we have a new policy set by our new president. We have a new strategy, a new mission, and a new ambassador. I believe that new military leadership also is needed."

So blathered Defense Secretary Robert Gates here and elsewhere.

Why can't he handle the truth? Because the truth is the one thing that the military will never see: that it's presence is the problem. This is true for Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries on the Neocon agenda. Yin and risen, and Yang will rise to the challenge, once again. In an ultimate sense, this is what's really happening. These flare-ups happen every time this lesson is forgotten. Sometimes it can be stuffed back into the bottle, such as Korea and Vietnam, but sometimes it can't.

This one can't because we don't even understand what the war is all about. Too many Americans have decided to believe the original duping or figure it's beyond their ability to understand, but when the average American finally does get around to figuring out the real (not the entirely discredited and totally fake) reasons behind the invasion of Iraq - that it's really a religious war between the Jews and the Arabs with America, and the full support of everyone making money off the military, and our kids doing the killing and dying, and American playing the proxy/stooge role for their religious war ... what do you think will happen then?

It's like the thing we don't talk about, isn't it? Same category as we know that we can blow the whole world up, but we're conditioned to live around it rather then do something about it. But all we're really doing is kicking cans down the road. If we don't fix the underlying causes, sooner or later the can explodes. And then everyone will be so aghast! And everyone will say "we should have done something".


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