Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saigon Again?

In Saigon Again? by Philip Giraldi, May 12, 2009, Philip writes:

"The problem with assessing President Barack Obama’s foreign policy after little more than 100 days is that it is nearly impossible to distinguish what has already become policy from approaches that might be termed more tentative. Does he really think that a continued American engagement in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and on behalf of Israel serves the national interest?"

The Bomb Iran Faction by Gary Leupp is another must read on America's biggest problem.

"With Iran, it’s very different. Those advocating the attack on Iran don’t mince words: the U.S. must, they tell us, use its armed might to destroy Iran’s nuclear program for Israel."

and this nugget:

"AIPAC emerges as strong as ever with half of Congress dutifully attending its convention"

HALF OF CONGRESS! Imagine that. Have you seen the John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt report?

and this ...

"The neocons are sometimes described as an intellectual movement influenced by University of Chicago philosopher Leo Strauss as well as (in a curious way) Trotskyism, the principle proponents of which are almost entirely secular Jews and passionate Zionists."


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