Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Basic Reasons the US Doesn't Need to Be in Afghanistan

After the McChrystal Affair, Let's Talk About the 5 Basic Reasons the US Doesn't Need to Be in Afghanistan By Malou Innocent

This article - and others on this subject - point to the foolishness of the Afghanistan invasion and occupation.

At this point, only a fool would think we're winning anything over there.

What none of these articles dare to say, however, is despite all of the compelling reasons we shouldn't be there, why we are there.

The people behind the scenes who pull the strings of our military invasion of the Middle East - the Zionists embedded in Washington, Wall Street and - foremost - our information supply - are using Afghanistan as a parking lot for our troops until they either get or can fabricate a reason for the next phase of their war.

The one thing - the only thing - they wouldn't tolerate is the withdrawal of our troops from the Middle East, because it would leave their beloved Israel surrounded by enemies intent on it's destruction. True or not, it's what they believe. Have you ever heard the term "self-fulling prophecy"? It's where something is predicted, and the act of predicting it helps to make it happen.

Personally, I gave up on Israel a long time ago. I've called it a failure and I believe it's a major albatross around America's neck. My sympathies are far greater for the Palestinians, and I think nowadays many Americans finally see it this way too, despite the propaganda machine's mastery of the psychology of persuasion (and the polls that measure it's success - comprende?).

We're not going to see the changes we desperately need until we change the basis of our information supply (to the Internet, obviously), and remove from the election process. These are giant tasks - but they will decide our fate.

I want to make one thought clear: I'm not against the Jewish people, it's Zionism that's killing us, literally.


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