Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love Helen Thomas!

As Israel Kills and Maims, Outrage is Directed at Helen Thomas by Alison Weir

"Whenever Israel commits yet another atrocity, its defenders are quick to redirect public attention away from the grisly crime scene.


One more obstacle to the Zionist juggernaut has just been removed."

Blacklisting Helen Thomas By Jonathan Cook

"In spite of an apology, the 89-year-old has been summarily retired by the Hearst newspaper group, dropped by her agent, spurned by the White House, and denounced by long-time friends and colleagues.


But the reaction to her latest remarks suggest that, if there is one topic in American public life on which the boundaries of what can and cannot be said are still tightly policed, it is Israel."

On the Vilification of Helen Thomas By Robert Scheer

"The media tirade against Helen Thomas is as illogical as it is hysterical. The few sentences uttered by her were, as she quickly acknowledged, wrong—deeply so, I would add. But they cannot justify the road-rage destruction of the dean of the Washington press corps. Suddenly this heroic woman who broke so many gender barriers and dared to challenge presidential arrogance was reduced to nothing more than the stereotypical anti-Israel Arab that it is so fashionable to hate."

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The list goes on and on, except of course if you look in the mainstream "news".


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