Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I think McChrystal schemed to get fired.

Why would he want it? I think it's because he sees his position as untenable, and that no matter what he does, it's downhill from here. He knows full well the lessons of history, even though too many Americans obviously don't.

He's washing his hands of it now, before it and his reputation start to tank.

He knows that being fired by Obama while still being respected by the public is a badge of honor that will be exploited by the Neocon-connected circuit, with speaking fees through the moon. With him, the propagandists get an ongoing series of fresh McChrystal stories to put in people's faces. And they just love splashing Irish names and faces on the military image.

Yup, going the circuit route will be a major win-win for both McChrystal and the Neocon gang, so long as he doesn't cross them. He may even hate this war, and he may well see it as unwinnable, but he's still a military man at heart, so if that's all he's called upon to be, I'm sure he'll be on Fox, MSNBC, CNN and the other propaganda channels telling us about some real exciting shit. Can you hear him now, yelling about how we should have done this or that to win the war?

But will he talk about the Big Picture, the invasion of the Middle East? Nope. That's not part of the deal. If he did that, he would be him crossing them. But we can expect some real tough talk on everything else. Real titillating stuff that keeps most people glued to the channel.

And Obama? The Neocon gang has little use for him, but so long as he stays the course and leaves their people in place and running things, it looks like they'll keep him on. But if he slips up by turning against them, by, for example, deciding to pull the military out of the Middle East altogether, then they'll pull out some of the Big Guns they're sitting on and fry him alive. Maybe they've got nothing on him, but I doubt it - he is, after all, still human. And we all make mistakes. What we don't realize - yet - is just how powerful computers, databases and networks really are. If we had the same access the Neocon gang has, we'd also be able to get that information. It's all there, in the "computer", for those with the correct access codes.

Obama is not a fool, but he thinks of himself as a realist, and he's bought lock, stock and barrel into the arguments that support that point of view.

But America was created by idealists, not realists. The realists wanted to stay with the King. The Bill of Rights wasn't crafted for the government's benefit, it was to limit their power.

Well, the Neocon gang sure found some clever ways around that (war on terrorism, war on drugs, invasion of Middle East, legislation that setup the Wall Street heist), didn't they?

Right now the propaganda machine has gotten people riveted on details and tactics, such as the McChrystal story - which other then something to talk about has no affect on us personally at all - it's just a propagandists tool, to puff something so much that people talk about it.

And we - we continue to send our family, friends and neighbors to go and happily kill, die, maim and destroy for the cause.

Stop and think! Really think about it. What are we really doing over there?

I'll tell you what we're doing: we're serving the Neocon gang's agenda, and their propaganda machine has way too many people hypnotized. Can you hear Goebbels chuckling from his grave?


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