Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can You Face the True Consequences of War?

Can You Face the True Consequences of War? The Horrors of Bagging Soldiers' Bodies in Iraq By Chris Hedges

Back when the Neocon gang was busy duping America into the invasion of the Middle East, I argued with anyone and everyone who would listen about how wrong that whole scheme was. I spoke just a little of battle scars, enough to make it clear that I was speaking with the authority of someone with experience with the killing fields that war really is.

On the few occasions when I did write on the subject of war, I thought the words, the explanation, and the understanding would come easy. How could it not. Well, it wasn't easy, the results weren't acceptable, and I changed not a single mind that I'm aware of.

Why is it so hard to explain something so horrible? I guess I didn't and can't answer that, so I'm especially thankful to Chris Hedges for a more poignant piece then I could ever write.



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