Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why are we in Afghanistan?

NOBODY thinks we're going to win anything in Afghanistan.

So why are we there?

I believe that our troops are in Afghanistan because they had to leave Iraq and it was the most convenient place to park them pending the Next Big Action in the Middle East.

Bringing them home was out of the question because (even if many still don't know it) the Neocon gang bet our farm on their Middle East invasion, and if the troops come home, it's game over for them. If we pull our military out of the Middle East and cancel the invasion, they wouldn't be going back, as is the case for, say, Vietnam (imagine us sending troops into Vietnam again? - it will NEVER happen). Same is true for the Middle East.

Why wouldn't the gang pull our troops out of the Middle East? Because doing so will bode ill for Israel, which will then be surrounded by it's enemies, and with those enemies knowing American troops wouldn't go back once they are out, they will certainly move to take advantage of the changed dynamics.

Without troops on the ground, all that is left for the power-freaks are the Big Guns. The nukes, specifically. We've got an entire Air Force and Navy equipped with enough nukes to blow up the whole world many times over, yet they've been held at bay since WWII. Would they use nukes to defend their beloved Israel? I say there is zero doubt about it, that long before they give up that land they will blow up the entire region.

So they've maneuvered us into an impossible situation. We can't leave, and we can't stay.

It's not that fact that bothers me as much as the fact that we Americans seem to be completely oblivious to these goings on. You'd think that by NOW, with all the years of war in the ME, that the American people would be onto what happened and is happening - essentially that we've been duped by the scum Neocon gang with it's Zionist (nonsense) philosophy.


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