Sunday, March 6, 2011

How do we fix America?

Sometimes we just don't see the obvious.

1. Take the money out of politics. Yes, that means public funding of elections. With the Internet and proper (open source) programming, a kick-ass election system can be developed and advanced. Imagine a system that you use to sort out your own issues and priorities, and then match your interests and desires to the field of candidates, and then imagine this method working for your town, your state, your country and your world.

2. Put Bush and the Neocon gang on trial for war crimes.

3. Do everything possible to make amends to the people of the Middle East for the killing and destruction brought on them by these war crimes.

4. Put the people responsible for the biggest heist of all time on trial for what they've done.

5. Let the Internet eat the television, and allow a new breed of editors to develop


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