Tuesday, March 22, 2011

U.S. rescue chopper shoots six Libyan villagers

U.S. rescue chopper shoots six Libyan villagers as they welcome pilots of downed Air Force jet By Daily Mail Reporter

We all know this is a story of a heart-felt tragedy for everyone concerned.

But let us not forget that it did happen, and similar stories have happened countless times since our military was sent to seize authority of the Middle East.

Unintended consequences some will call it, dismissively, as if we knew going in that there were going to be stories like this, but we would accept them as the price we have to pay for spreading "liberty", "freedom", "democracy" and all the other patriotic-sounding words) that was being spread in the countries of the Middle East.

In reality, we've murdered the ordinary citizens of those countries by the boatload. In reality, we have millions of people out there who hate us very deeply. In a world brimming with terrible weapons, do you really think it's a good idea to be that hated?

We should all be so ashamed of what is being done in our name. This story, horrible as it is, is among the least of the millions of stories that really happened.

In general, we've been "protected" from this information, even though we know it really is happening all the time,

The day will come when we literally cannot afford their war anymore. Maybe this year, maybe next. Maybe there will be an event, or maybe we'll just financially bleed to death in the decades to come. The Arab/Muslim world is NOT going to cede to American/Israel authority. Not today, not tomorrow and not in a thousand million years. Maybe some event will lead to nukes.

But what kind of event would spark peace? Can you think of one? I can't.

Today there are millions of Americans who are jobless because the jobs were allowed to be sent overseas. We have millions of homeless, barely eating, no medical, etc., people, right here in the "homeland".

They say just the munitions for today's attack on Libya was on the order of a hundred million dollars. Small potatoes when you consider the invasion has already cost a trillion or more. There's at least one website devoted to explaining what that money could have done here. Not only would spending it here help us, but there's a certain goodwill associated with people whom you aren't sending soldiers to kill. That is, not only would be have money for our needs, we wouldn't be pissing on and off millions of people, who may very well be plotting their revenge as we speak. I think many such plots are in motion. When millions of people are involved, groups of a dozen or so can pop up like daisy's.

We know, or we should/better know, just how destructive a team of a dozen people can be, given today's horrible weapons.

Why are we not only taking this risk, but virtually guaranteeing we'll lose? Who took this risk in our name? For what purpose?

Who would be so monstrous as to set in motion a chain of events that has America headed for it's knees?

Would these people have private helicopters ready to take them to well stocked reserves in the mountains, so they are personally insulated from whatever attacks are coming? Will they be outta here within minutes of the 1st attack? Is the fact that their own personal asses are covered the reason why they don't care how reckless their decisions are?

Do we understand and acknowledge that the people who caused the invasion of the Middle East, for the purpose of securing military authority, to happen did in fact bet our farm, American, on their mission. We didn't see this 10 years ago, and it's crept in a tiny piece at a time since then, but if you project is out over the years to come, you can't help but realize they will NEVER give up. People with power don't give it up, period. It has to be taken away.

If we're going to do this in a non-violent way, we have to gain control over our election system. We need to move it to the Internet and provide public funding for whatever it cost. We need to develop an accurate list of the issues we want gov't to be involved with, and we need to know what the candidate's position is on each of these issues. We can then match our interests with candidates, so people who get elected actually represent you. Last, but not least, people who get elected for their positions must be held to those positions by rule of law, with real and serious penalties when they don't do what they promised to do. Obama is a perfect example of just how badly this needs to be.


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