Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crisis in Afghanistan

A crisis of trust and cultural incompatibility by McClatchy

"A study of mutual perceptions of Afghan National Security Force Personnel and U.S. Soldiers in understanding and mitigating the phenomena of ANSF-Committed Fratricide Murders"

I can't imagine a more damning report of the state of affairs between our soldiers and the people of Afghanistan. I say this from experience, having lived and fought with the Vietnamese Regional Forces (RF's) in Vietnam in 1967-8. Reading this report and comparing it with my experience, I'm actually shocked at how bad Afghanistan is compared to Vietnam. I didn't it was possible for a situation to be so much worse.

What the heck are we doing in Afghanistan, anyway?

Okay, standing back and looking at the big picture of the military invasion of the Middle East (which is what has really been happening), Afghanistan was a convenient launching point for the larger plan, the invasion and seizure of military authority in the Middle East. Afghanistan was simply the most arguable case used by the warmongers to get their invasion launched. As history has recorded, Afghanistan was dropped like a hot potato early on as the invasion moved on to one of it's larger targets, Iraq, and the real power centers of the Middle East.

Then, as history has also recorded, the invasion of Iraq didn't go so well, and the day finally came when the troops had to be withdrawn. The warmongers weren't about to let our troops come home, because they knew - and we know - that once the troops are brought home from the Middle East, nobody will be able to send them back, so they parked them in Afghanistan, to keep them busy while they whipped up the next phase of their grand invasion plan, apparently targeting Iran. And, to spread things out, as is now being reported, they are also deploying some troops in Africa as well - gotta find enough to keep them busy until the next phase of the planned invasion can be launched. That step today is focused on Iran, but it may change. What wouldn't change is this: they - the warmongers - are not - ever - going to call it quits and give up their primary objective, which again is to establish military authority in the Middle East. Israel demands this of us, their minions.


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