Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Nuclear Option" Against Iran's Economy Paves Way for War

"Nuclear Option" Against Iran's Economy Paves Way for War By Kate Gould

An excellent review of the status of the major push underway to start a war with Iran.

Note: Iran will give up their nuke program if Israel does the same. Gotta wonder why this otherwise well-informed article doesn't mention this, given it's a game changer. If we really want peace, non-proliferation treaty is the way to go. Continue to course and it will mean more war.

Is anyone else wondering how long our military can make life miserable for millions of people before they get really, really mad and find some way to strike back? I'm amazed it's been this long. But then, the warmongers love more war, so maybe a strike back didn't happen (yet) because they don't want to provoke people with trillions to spend on killing them.

I guess a question of some hour is going to be "will those millions of enemies we've created around the world find a way to strike us back?" Or is the question "when"?

Can we stop the madness now, or is it too late?

Can you say: ELECTION CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM to everyone who will listen?


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