Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Obama Deception

The New York Times Calls The Obama Deception “An Antigovernment Film” by Saman Mohammadi

Scroll down to the 2nd video on this page, below "Watch The Obama Deception:"

The title introduces the topic well enough, and clearly makes the case for Obama being nothing more or less than a public face for the same money people who have hugely advanced the police state and desperate poverty afflicting so many people here and around the world today, among other evils. They are the robber barons.

Alex Jones makes a good case documenting who they are, as well as the evils of demagogues who arise from the ashes to make matters considerably worse.

We're not going to find or get a "strong leader", nor do we want one.

What we want, what we need, is a money-free election process that will allow us first to build and prioritize a list of issues we care about, and second to elect people from among us most willing and capable to tackle the issues and solutions we do badly need. And we need to hold them accountable for their actions.

Can we do this before it's really too late? I'm hopeful but skeptical.


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