Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There’s Nothing Idealistic About the One-State Solution

There’s Nothing Idealistic About the One-State Solution by Jonathan Cook

Please read this outstanding argument for a (one-state) solution to America's - and the world's - biggest problem: the gang of fanatical lunatics running Israel.

"The reality is that the elites that run Israel have everything to lose should the occupation fall. That is why they have invested every effort in integrating the occupied territories into Israel and making a “real” peace deal impossible. The occupation and its related industries are the source of their moral legitimacy, their political survival and their daily enrichment.

That is also why they are twisting in agony at the prospect of Iran acquiring a nuclear arsenal to rival their own. At that point, the occupation begins to expire and their rule is finished."

Not asking you to read this because you or I care about Israel - I don't, but I do care about America, and we've got to do something to solve that problem before it further consumes us.

Jonathan Cook makes the case for a one-state solution, which I believe most reasonable people would agree with.

"In short, however one assesses it, the promotion of a one-state solution can serve only to hasten the demise of the Israeli elites who oppress the Palestinians. So why waste so much breath opposing it?"

But to make that happen, something has to change in America. I believe election campaign finance reform is the best choice, if we can change only one thing. By removing the money, and thus the power the elite have over the system as it exists today, we can plant seeds for a government that truly represents us.

This isn't just an academic argument any longer. We need to make this happen before those warmongering nutcases make things much worse. Tell your family and friends, and if you know anyone in the Occupy movement, that our primary objective should be to remove money from the election process. It can be done. Computers, the Internet and dedicated software developers are capable of giving us an election system we can be proud of, and one that actually works. Elections need to be about the issues, not race, gender and other superficial nonsense. This being the case, that we can decide on candidates by their stand on the issues, and then being held accountable for their actions relative to the issues, we can finally get the warmongering gorilla off our backs and all kinds of good things can start to happen.

For example, our representatives will know right out of the gate that busting up the media conglomerates will dilute the propaganda machine - which has so effectively duped America into supporting the military invasion of the Middle East, not to mention keeping those responsible for the Wall Street ripoff out of jail.

Smack yourself on the head America, and then get busy on election reform!


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