Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Afghanistan: Too Big to Fail?

Afghanistan: Too Big to
Fail? Why All of Obama's Afghan Options Are Bad Ones
By Tom Engelhardt

"In this context, despite all the media drama--Is Obama "dithering" or not? Will he or won't he follow the advice of his generals?--we already know one thing about the president's upcoming Afghan War decision with a painful degree of certainty: it will involve more, not less. It will up the ante, not cut our losses."

There's all kinds of reasons for this, not a one of them good.

From Washington and Jerusalem: more bad news by Stephen Walt

"Back in 2007, we wrote that AIPAC has an "almost unchallenged hold on Congress." Little has happened since then to alter that conclusion, and we will probably get another demonstration of Congressional spinelessness this week."


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