Friday, November 6, 2009

Nidal Hasan

Killing people can NEVER be justified. No person has the right to take the life of another.

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Am I talking about Bush and the Neocon gang, who conspired and duped America into launching an invasion to seize authority in the Middle East, killing everyone, hundreds of thousands of innocent people, who were in the way?

No, I'm talking of course about Nidal Hasan.

But you'd be forgiven for thinking the former. After all, the cause and effects are strikingly similar: religious passion and consequential mass murder.

What I find particular fascinating about this story is that Nidal Nasan was a psychiatrist whose patients were soldiers returning from the killing fields with mental disorders. While Bush and the gang used applied psychology to manipulate America into that invasion, Nidel Hasan stood at the receiving end of the psychological consequences.

Nidal Hasan's actions will be condemned, as well they must. And the gang, who didn't blink at giving orders to kill hundreds of thousands of innocents, will surely kill him as fast as they can.

But will they - can they - kill the thoughts that drove him mad - and imagery our enemies will derive from this event?

No. Not by a long stretch. As it happens, Nidal Hasan's beliefs are shared by millions of people around the world. He acted out in a way they can relate to, whether they wanted him to or not. From our enemies point of view, he lived in the belly of the beast and he struck out against that beast. Imagine this new poster child on their wall, jumping out of the belly and all. In the past we've seen copy-cats follow many evil-doers, and the "news" loves it because it sells newspapers. Now think about how many other highly sympathetic people live among our 300,000,000, not to mention the propaganda value of this incident overseas. I can't recall a single incident with the imagery this possesses for motivating our enemies in the Middle East to rally behind ousting the occupier and standing up to Israel.

Nidal Hasan is of Palestinian descent. The "news machine" hides it well, but the fact is that the Palestinians live in deplorable, miserable conditions under the thumb of American armed Israel. Might not be common knowledge on American streets, but other countries have "news" machines of their own, and if you can realize how effective this machine is here, you'll see it's not only here.

Being a psychiatrist, he is aware he was born with a collective unconscious shared with all Palestinians, and the Palestinians know this too, if only instinctively. Thus his story can and will be taken to symbolize the plight of the Palestinians, this time played out on American soil.

How true, how significant this is to you or I doesn't matter. What matters is the imagery our enemies in the Arab/Muslim world will project to their followers. Would they spin and distort it beyond face value? Sure! That's what our gang did, why wouldn't they do as well? Let's not get into calling them stupid. They are not.

Our own propaganda machine, the "TV news", the folks behind the duping of America to get the invasion launched, will play this story their way, as usual, but our concern shouldn't be for our own predictable "news" propaganda, but that which will play and flow through the streets on which 1.3 billion Arab/Muslims live.

In you can imagine our enemies on steroids, you'd be well served to start thinking about a better course for America. Obama promised this and that, but delivered nothing. He's not in charge. He can't change anything. He's just a face.

If we want real change, we're going to have to do something.

Here's what I suggest: we have a hero we can turn to and follow: Vincent Bugliosi. We can demand that, alongside the trail of Nidal Hasan should occur the trial of George Bush for murder which will necessarily expose and include the Gang.

And then we can hope, pray and do everything we can to make amends for what has been done in the Middle East under the American name, Iraq and Palestine at center stage.

What's really matters here is something that everyone demands: justice.


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