Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Afghanistan and the big picture

The Delegitimization of Karzai By Patrick Cockburn

"From Mr Karzai’s point of view he won through at the end and showed that nobody is strong enough to get rid of him. For President Obama the election has no silver lining. It has left him poised to send tens of thousands US troops to fight a war in defense of one of world’s most crooked and discredited governments. “It is not that the Taliban is so strong, but the government is so weak,” was a common saying among Afghans before the election, and one which will be even truer in future. "

I follow Patrick Cockburn because he's one of the better thinkers on the net today. In this case, I think he's not taking into account how the American information supply shifted emphasis completely away from Iraq to Afghanistan, and why. Herein can be found the answer to the riddle of why we're bothering at all with the losing proposition in Afghanistan.

Why would they - anyone - do such a stupid thing?

Answer: To shift attention away from the main losing proposition that is Iraq and the other countries in the Middle East that were scheduled to fall afterward.

That plan unraveled, so what to do? Shift attention away from the losing theatre in Iraq to another losing theater, one that will bog us down long enough to put the original proposition far enough into the past so the subject falls under the "that's old news" trick that kills just about anything that can be said to them.

The original PNAC/Neocon agenda, to use the American military to beat into submission the countries in Middle East that have defied Israel's authority, starting with Iraq, and "real men go to Tehran" Iran, among others.

The gambit wasn't supposed to fail. It was to be a "slam dunk". But it did fail, so what to do? Shift attention to another area of the world that isn't directly connected, so when it fails - as it surely will - all finger pointing will involve the new failure (Afghanistan) and not the original failure (Iraq). This what "clever" looks like, in case you're wondering.

Let's get some points straight: (1) NOBODY cares about Afghanistan, (2) it is ABSOLUTELY a losing proposition, (3) being there makes so sense whatsoever

Until seen through this lens. Then, all of a sudden it makes sense, and it's playing out in real life, right now.

But what about the casualties? What will the Jones family think when they are informed their son, who they loved so much and was such a part of their lives, is gone forever. They'll be told of his heroics, of how he defended some pile of dirt in Afghanistan to the bitter end, and the all the medals these proud parents can hang on their wall and look at every time they miss him.

It seems very much that people just aren't aware of what really happened with the military invasion of the Middle East (let's call it what it was, for starters). The question is whether history will be so kind.

I think not. Reason: the Internet. If it were left to the history books, that would depend upon who writes them (no small point). But the truth, given a path, will find it's way to the surface. This is the power of the Internet.

When this truth does emerge, and the Jones family looks at the photo of their son, at least they will then know what he really died for.

What happened to America is a very sad story, but there is light at the end of the tunnel after all, if you believe in the truth and you believe it will emerge.

One extremely hopeful and positive movement underway as we speak is Vincent Bugliosi's documentary on his book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"

This case is EXACTLY what America needs, because starting with Bush goes right to the core of what happened, and from that vantage point the entire plot will unravel. As you may be aware, there are a collection of real heroes who have documented large pieces of this plot, but until now lacked the place to bring them together. The trail of Bush would finally get all of this material onto the table for us and the world to see.

The bottom line is that our beloved country, the one that the Jones and so many other families gave the ultimate sacrifice for, has been duped. All that killing and destruction had nothing whatsoever to do with any great and noble purpose, it was all a duping of the masses by the few who frame the context of what's "news" and their cohorts in Washington and Wall Street. Many are Zionists, others are just greedy capitalists with hooks in the MIC, oil and other money interests, who go among for any money ride. But for the Zionists it's a religious crusade, and they supplied the fervor and energy of religious zeal.

These people, the ones who pulled the strings and made that invasion happen, aren't American heroes, they are scourges. And whether it's Mr Bugliosi's movement or another, at some point this truth will out.

And what we will do with this truth? I think the solution is to put the whole gang on trial for war crimes. Only then can America begin to recover the damage they have wrought.

But let's start with Bush. My hat is off to Mr Bugliosi - a real American hero.

And for Israel supporters, the "command central" behind this operation, our message needs to be: "Americans are tired of your manipulations and you're on your own now. We suggest you push the restart button, integrate with your neighbors, and try to earn their acceptance"


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