Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome Home, War!

Welcome Home, War! Alfred W. McCoy and Tom Engelhardt

These two articles talk about the largest and most important issue of our time. This matter has been terribly on my mind for too many years now. But lacking the means to do this level of research - and then so well articulate - this problem, I decided I had to wait for someone else to describe it. Alfred W. McCoy and Tom Engelhardt have done this, admirably.

These may well be the most important articles you've read in quite some time. Please read them and thoughtfully consider the implications for you and your family.

There is a (conceptually) simple solution to this problem: remove money from politics. This will allow us to elect people who really care about America and the world at large, i.e. our best people, and not the special interests with the most money. We've been badly duped for a long time, our future is on the line, and we've got to stop them. This is my solution.

I'm surprised and disappointed that my favorite great American institution, M.I.T, hasn't come up with an Internet based kick-ass voting system - it's so easy to imagine. C'mon, you guys!

From this article:

"In a future America, enhanced retinal recognition could be married to omnipresent security cameras as a part of the increasingly routine monitoring of public space. Military surveillance equipment, tempered to a technological cutting edge in counterinsurgency wars, might also one day be married to the swelling domestic databases of the NSA and FBI, sweeping the fiber-optic cables beneath our cities for any sign of subversion. And in the skies above, loitering aircraft and cruising drones could be checking our borders and peering down on American life."


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