Saturday, November 14, 2009

A million dollars per soldier per year

High Costs Weigh on Troop Debate for Afghan War By CHRISTOPHER DREW

Just in case you've wondered how to gauge the cost, on top of lives lost and suffering by everyone involved, of the Afghanistan debacle ...

"Even if fewer troops are sent, or their mission is modified, the rough formula used by the White House, of about $1 million per soldier a year, appears almost constant."


"Military analysts said the increase reflects a surge in costs for mine-resistant troop carriers and surveillance equipment that would apply to troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But some costs are unique to Afghanistan, where it can cost as much as $400 a gallon to deliver fuel to the troops through mountainous terrain."


"Mr. Murtha said he opposed sending more troops, though he would support any decision Mr. Obama made. He said he was concerned that even without a supplemental bill, total spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars would surge past $1 trillion next year, which could hamper the economy for years to come."


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