Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exposing the propaganda machine

How propagandists function: Exhibit A By Glenn Greenwald

The Israel Lobby Swims The Atlantic by Grant Smith

Deceptive Economic Statistics By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

"If the government will lie to you about Iraqi weapons of mass production, Iranian nukes, why won’t they lie to you about the economy?


Wherever one looks--food stamps, home foreclosures, bankrupted states, mounting joblessness, the message to long-suffering Americans from “their government” is the same: go eat cake, while we fight wars for Israel that enrich the military/security complex and while we bail out banksters whose annual incomes are in the tens of millions of dollars and up."

These are a few current articles on the propaganda and deceit that defines and shapes the world around us. If google a bit, you can find more. Of course you wouldn't find them in the mainstream media, which is the whole point.

The effect of this propaganda is absolutely stunning. With millions of people believing the lies manufactured by this gang, we continue to waste precious lives and staggering sums of money on their lost cause crusade for military authority in the Middle East.

Ask yourself this question: how can so many people be so duped for so long?


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