Friday, August 20, 2010

The Iraq Debacle: The Legacy of Seven Years of War

The Iraq Debacle: The Legacy of Seven Years of War by Iraq Debacle Coalition

Please read this brief and concise evaluation of the Iraq invasion and recommendations.

I sincerely - 100% - believe that the best course of action is to prosecute Bush for murder. This trial will peel open the layers of the scheme and the cast of perpetrators

Presidents flying blind By Andrew J. Bacevich

"We've been conditioned to trust presidents, but as recent history shows, they're often clueless too. Can Obama admit error and stop trying to tell us, and Afghans, what's best for Afghanistan?"

An excellent thought-provoking article

The War in Iraq Has Entered a New Stage of Public Relations by Dennis Kucinich

"This is not the end of the war; this is simply a new stage in the campaign to lull the American people into accepting an open-ended presence in Iraq. This is not an honest accounting to the American people and it diminishes the role of the troops who will put their lives on the line. This is not fair to the troops, their families or the American people."


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