Monday, August 2, 2010

A Lesson from "Inception"

A Lesson from "Inception": How the Right-Wing and Corporate Media Brainwash Americans By David Sirota

"The illusions spread by both the right-wing and corporate media are deftly presented as fact; can we ever wake up?"


The conservative media dreamland, for instance, ensconces its audience in an impregnable bubble -- you eat breakfast with the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, you drive to the office with right-wing radio, you flit between Breitbart and Drudge at work, you come home to Fox News. The ideas bouncing around in this world -- say, ideas about the Obama administration allegedly favoring blacks -- don't seem like propaganda to those inside the bubble. With heavily edited videos of screaming pastors and prejudice-sounding USDA officials, these ideas are cloaked in the veneer of unchallenged fact, leaving the audience to assume its bigoted conclusions are completely self-directed and incontrovertible."

This is a particularly well-written piece that matches my study and observations exactly. Well worth your time to read this to see what's happening to America.

Can we stop it? The election process is about the only thing we can do. Move the election process to the Internet, and take most of the money out of the process. We need are people who actually represent us, and this simply couldn't happen while the rich and powerful hold the gates to Congress.

How God-Awful does our (the have-nots) world have to get before we do something?

There is one thing that people can do: support and encourage Vincent Bugliosi's quest to put Bush on trail for murder.

Such a trial will go to the root of the people and events that took place to make that invasion happen, and when the big picture of information is assembled, it will either prove or dis-prove the theory that the gang referred to as the Neocons, with it's heavy partnership with AIPAC and media friends conspired to defraud America into launching that invasion under false pretenses when there were in fact a list of reasons that AMericans didn't know about.

What happened wasn't the result of one man and one mistake, it took an entire organization to pull off something that big. Very lucky for us, all of their lies and propaganda has been preserved for study, in archives I'm sure exist somewhere. Maybe one of the institutions we pay for, like the NSA, has this stuff all in it's mountain somewhere. With this information and some good software, it wouldn't take too long to assemble a mountain of evidence that reveals exactly how their plan to establish military authority in the Middle East was carried out.

We've got to pull our troops out of the Middle East and Korea. We're not the world's policeman. There is a United Nations that needs to do all it can to avert war and provide emergency assistance. If the UN didn't resolve the Israel/Palestine issue because Congress is packed with lackeys, replace the lackeys.

And we've got a lot of apologizing to do, and amends to make, for the suffering that's been inflicted on millions of people in our name.

How to Dismantle the American Empire Before This Country Goes Under By Andrew J. Bacevich

"First, the purpose of the U.S. military is not to combat evil or remake the world, but to defend the United States and its most vital interests.


Second, the primary duty station of the American soldier is in America.


Third, consistent with the Just War tradition, the United States should employ force only as a last resort and only in self-defense.

Americans today must reckon with a contradiction of gaping proportions. Promising prosperity and peace, the Washington rules are propelling the United States toward insolvency and perpetual war. Over the horizon a shipwreck of epic proportions awaits. To acknowledge the danger we face is to make learning -- and perhaps even a course change -- possible. To willfully ignore the danger is to become complicit in the destruction of what most Americans profess to hold dear."

This is another powerful article that's well worth your time to read.


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