Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fake Military Withdrawal

The Fakest Military Withdrawal Imaginable in Iraq By Ramzy Baroud

"So what if the US army downgrades its military presence in Iraq and re-labels over 50,000 remaining soldiers? Will the US military now stop chasing after perceived terrorist threats? Will it concede an inch of its unchallenged control over Iraqi skies? Will it relinquish power over the country's self-serving political elite? Will it give up its influence over every relevant aspect of life in the country, from the now autonomous Kurdish region in the north all the way to the border with Kuwait in the south, which the jubilant soldiers crossed while hollering the shrieks of victory?"

Does it really take a genius to know that this isn't going to end well for our troops (and our nation)? Hostility towards the occupier has existed since the start of the invasion, not to mention what we did to them before the invasion with the embargo. I've seen Pew reports showing the vast majority clearly demand occupier leave. Why is this so hard for us to understand? Can't we imagine foreign troops on our streets? If not, maybe now is a good time to think about it.

The way it's really going to go down, as I see it, wouldn't be a Vietnam style rout, nor will it resemble the Alamo. It will be unique, and very bad, because we have so many big guns and so many people willing to use them.

Eventually our troops will leave, that much is clear. We know it and the Iraqi's know it. Question is whether they will take this opportunity to show off their tribal zeal and affinity by hurting and embarrassing the occupier in the last stages of the occupation, when on the ground troop strength is so low. I think they will.

Imagine it gets down to the embassy, and it's under siege, taking fire daily. What would the Neocons do? Send troops back in? No. Pull out? Maybe, but maybe the warmongers will decide to have a field day with the Big Guns?

The important understanding here is that the Neocons bet our farm on their crusade to establish military authority in the Middle East. They have no plans on withdrawing our military until they complete this mission. If our troops were to be pulled out of the Middle East, Israel would be left surrounded by enemies. The Neocons and their friends in our information supply, the media, aren't going to let that happen. They'll come up with all kinds of stories, excuses, great things to say, etc., but that war is far from over.



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