Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'The Great American Stickup': It Was The Economy, Stupid

'The Great American Stickup': It Was The Economy, Stupid by Robert Scheer

"If we as a people learn anything from this crash, however, it should be that there are no adults watching the store, only a tiny elite of self-interested multimillionaires and billionaires making decisions for the rest of us. As long as we cede that power to them, we can expect to continue getting bilked."

Afghan War Myths by Ted Rall

Read the appalling truth about the Afghanistan invasion.

My theory continues to be that Afghanistan is nothing more or less then a parking lot for troops dispatched as part of the Neocon plan to establish military authority in the Middle East. Who knows what action/event will occur that re-starts the bigger campaign. Could be Iran or any of the other players in the region, but one thing we can count on: our troops aren't leaving the ME anytime soon - because that would not be good for Israel, and what Israel wants, Israel gets.


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