Saturday, September 18, 2010

Iraq - the end game

Just two of today's articles on the subject of our military and Iraq:

Iraqi forces struggling, forcing U.S. troops to fight By Shashank Bengali and Mohammed al Dulaimy

As Iraq winds down, U.S. Army confronts a broken force By Nancy A. Youssef

Where is it all headed?

It's so obvious, isn't it? If not, why?

- could it be that the mainstream media perpetuates it's illusions, already proven to be manipulative and flat out wrong, but because it's in print and on the TV screen, people buy it and they continue to get away with it.

- people have either forgotten Vietnam and other historical accounts, are really apathetic. Maybe they don't have time to study, or maybe they feel so helpless that they just can't deal with it.

We're entering a new phase in Iraq, that much is certain. How long will this new phase last, and what will it lead to?

My analysis, based on experience and study, is that the Neocons have bet our farm on their mission to establish military authority in the ME for Israel's benefit. They will not let us pull our troops out of the ME in a wind-down because that will be perceived by all as defeat and leave Israel surrounded by enemies.

So they are waiting for another opportunity, any attack on us anywhere will do. Like 9/11 they will pump it to sound like the end of the world, and then they'll re-ignite their crusade with a grander attack on their enemies. For them, it's a race between America's desire to bring our troops home, and the event they can use to keep them fighting.

What will qualify for such a major event? Well, given their proven ability to manipulate news, they don't need very much to work with. Any attack here will do. It is amazing that there haven't been attacks. This defies logic and common sense. There's another story there, I'm sure. But for the purpose of what happens with our invasion of the ME, only 1 attack will do. They will make it look like 9/11 all over again. The "news" will blast it before our eyes a hundred million times, and we'll be pumping up the military to save us again.

Will they use the Big Guns next time? Given their druthers, I have no doubt the Neocon gang will pull any trigger they believe will advance their cause. There is no morality, there is only winning (the 'ends justify the means' mentality, this time by grand example). After victory, they get to write the history books.

For the Neocons, there can be no losing. It's massively important that we understand this. They cannot and will not lose. They will kill everyone on Earth if they have to, but they will not lose their precious Israel and it's power over it's neighbors. This is not a bargaining chip, it's an absolute.

Maybe you have someone you care about in the Military, or maybe you are just curious and able to read. Whichever, once you connect these dots and you realize the seriousness of this, hopefully you'll be compelled to do something, no matter how small, if hundreds of millions of people just do something, we have a chance to stop them.

My suggestion is an Internet based, open source election process that removes the influence of money from the political equation. We have no shortage of education, wise and intelligent people that we can vote into office, given the chance.

We also must put Bush on trial for murder, which will invariably lead to prosecuting the Neocons for war crimes as well.

Do these things and we can save ourselves, our spirit, our country, and our world.

Don't do these things at our peril. What do you think will happen when the Green Zone comes under frequent attack for the purpose of finally ousting the occupier - a confrontation backed by the majority of Iraqi's?


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