Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Transparent Cabal

The Transparent Cabal by Ed Warner

"History is full of examples of a determined minority prevailing over a more passive majority. A case in point is the neoconservative effort to bring the United States into war with Iraq largely for the protection of Israel. Despite the dubious reasons the neoconservatives advanced — Iraq has WMDs, ties to al-Qaeda — they managed to overcome the resistance of the military, the State Department and CIA partly by infiltrating them for their own ends. As the book title suggests, much of this was done in the open, a transparent cabal."

This book review starts out with the statement above, as other books and articles on this subject have done, but this particular book, this time, the accusations and the depth and breadth of supporting materials are reaching epic proportions. That is, there is now so much information available supporting this analysis that it can't be ignored.

The book being reviewed is on amazon, click here. Be sure to read the editorial and customer reviews at the bottom of the page, to see what I mean by saying the amount of supporting information has grown large enough to be astonishing to the uninformed.

There's another web site, click here, devoted to a press/tv interview with Dr. Stephen Sniegoski, the author of the book.


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