Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iraq's cost

Iraq’s Cost by Hendrik Hertzberg

"But it was also a reminder, gentle but pointed, that the war was a war of Bush’s choice—a choice that has left Obama with no good choices, only the responsibility of withdrawing in a way that mitigates, or at least does not needlessly extend, the harm this war has done to Iraq and its people and to American interests, American honor, and American power."

Here's the rub: The invasion of Iraq was an unmitigated disaster for America from the time the pump-up for war started, through the invasion, and now it's haunting us today - and it will continue to haunt us into the future - until some God-awful event happens that shakes people awake and into the reality of what happened.

Who to blame? There's lots of blame to spread around, but let's start with the Neocon-infested propaganda machine that stretches from Hollywood through the TV and into the newspapers - the machine that marched in lockstep to drum up support for the invasion and force-fed Americans daily appetite with the evils of Saddam and the urgent need to invade Iraq.

What to do? Let's start with putting Bush on trial for murder - and let the trial go where it must.

What if we do nothing? Suppose we stay the course and do nothing? What will happen in Iraq?

Well, nobody can predict the future, especially particular events, but one can see trends, and there's a "megatrend" at work with Iraq. The vast majority of Iraqi's want the occupier out, and those who have suffered at our hand hate us and no doubt many want revenge. Translated: I see Iraqi's working together to oust their common enemy, the occupier, before they get on with the business or re-organizing Iraq their way, probably with the separation of a Kurdish state and then the break-up of the rest between the Sunni's and Shite's, with the Shite south aligning with Iran.

Now think about that Green Zone, that cost more then a stack of bills reaching from here to the moon, and it's fate. How many rockets have to be fired at it from how many different directions before they realize that air power can't protect it - and trying is eating up and destroying the city around it.

Will Americans be pulled out of the Green Zone on helicopters? It's easy to see it coming to that.

Regardless, the cost to us for the invasion of Iraq is headed our way. It's time we woke up and realized that we have been massively duped - and do something about it.

Once again, I say support Mr Bugliosi's effort to put Bush on trial for murder. That's one that we can all agree on - now anyway.

Neocons in Retreat by Jack Hunter

Please read this article and especially the very informative reader comments.


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