Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama and Iraq: ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’

Obama and Iraq: ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ By Scott Ritter

As you may be aware, Scott Ritter is the target of a smear campaign, similar to what's happening to Julian Assange (and anyone else taking a public stand against the Neocons). In both cases, all they had to do was raise the specter of some sex-related scandal in the "news", and walla, the target's reputation is dirtied and now everything they say is suspect. Works every time.

In this article, Scott summarizes the Iraq debacle, and notes that "The president and the American people will all too soon come to recognize that the quagmire in Iraq is far from over. In fact, one might say it has only just begun"

He's right, of course. We can't just wish away the criminal invasion and destruction of Iraq.

There are many bad things yet to happen in and around Iraq, culminating perhaps (I think likely) with our billion-dollar embassy becoming a modern incarnation of the Alamo.

And that's not all.

Surely you've noticed that it's been almost 10 years since any significant attacks have occurred here at home. I, for one, find this fact incredible. How is it possible, I ask, that we have millions of enemies out there, and none of them have been able to strike back? Is it because our many-billion dollar security apparatus actually works? Is it a matter of luck? Both? Or are our enemies just taking their time, putting together some sort of modern-day Tet offensive? I don't know, of course, like everyone else, but I have a very strong sense of foreboding for the future of America if we don't set ourselves straight, if we can at all.

I believe Vincent Bugliosi is right to call for putting Bush on trial for murder. I think this is the best action we can take, because such a trial will invariably expose the Neocons behind it all for their many criminal acts, most notably the invasion of Iraq, but also the corruption of our information supply.

The neocons own the narrative.

Where are the calls for putting Bush and his cronies on trial? Why isn't this a debate at the national level?

It's because the Neocons have effective editorial control over our information supply, and they exercise this control for certain issues, such as the culpability of people responsible for the criminal invasion of Iraq, the financial crimes committed by the barons of banking, and the sacrosanct treatment of Israel.


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