Saturday, January 10, 2009

Be scared

Report: Israel Forced Civilians Into Single House, Repeatedly Bombed It

House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill Cheering Israeli War on Gaza

There's been an explanation, but like most studies and reporting, too few even people know about it (which is why I write and I see others are too. The Internet is our last and only hope to stop this machine and right a terrible wrong.

The explanation can be found here: John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, authors of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.

Theirs isn't the only report. Many observant and thoughtful people have been speaking similarly. If you wish links, I'll post them, but google can find much of it.

After publishing this report, Mearsheimer and Walt said the one thing they were surprised by was the amount of opposition they faced. I don't know this, but my guess is that their lives have been made miserable and their reputations and careers ruined to the extent possible.

Their report goes back a few years. What's the status today? Here is an example.

Is having this power in Washington enough?

No. The other half of the power equation is information. Our mass media, our information supply, the headlines we all follow. Who decides these headlines and assigns our priorities?

Google "who controls the media" and read for example, but there are others as well, each of which has done their homework. The simple explanation is along the lines of there being fewer then a dozen people who exercise editorial control over the majority of America's information supply. They decide the "news" headlines, which are basically our national priorities. If they want to invade the Middle East, they know they can arrange headlines enough to whip us into a frenzy. And they did! Would be funny if there weren't on the order of a million seriously grieving widows, fathers, family members who have paid such a high price. Oh, it didn't hurt you? YET.

I have been studying the matter of editorial controls over our information supply for some time now. I worked at Prodigy in the beginning of what is now the Internet. At the time I launched and became engaged in a - call it a campaign - to use Prodigy to supplant the media's authority. Some of us knew is was possible to do. Even the then-President of the company realized it. To make this multi-year story short, in the end I was told to shut up. Evidently the powers-that-be had spoken at the top, the message was handed down the chain of command, and my little old supervisor-boss finally delivered the shut-up message, and in no uncertain terms.

What I have yet to see is someone put together this research into a big picture. Just imagine an interest group that has the power to control American foreign policy and ALSO the American headlines.

Think about the connection between war machine spending and our looming financial meltdown. There is no connection, they say. Bullshit. Not only is that money being poured into a flaming pit, the sour attitude of the world for America via a vis the Middle East debacle is digging that very pit.

And Obama is going to fix things by what?

Be scared.

These "soldiers of Israel" have lit fuses all over the place. If they are not stopped, something really bad is going to happen to us. I was once in a real war and I'll say this, believe or not: the TV, movies, headlines ... they show you about one percent of what it's really like, and much of that is spun to stay on message. When push comes to shove, and war does come to you, you will seriously regret it.


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