Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's NOT the economy, stupid!

Here's a well reasoned article on the state of the economy and what to do about it.

Take point # 6

"6. Large-scale government investment would inevitably turn into an orgy of waste, fraud and abuse. True -- but only if we let conservatives run the show."

I'll be presumptuous and assume "conservatives" means "neoconservatives", because I'm a conservative, certainly insofar as the greed and corruption being referred to here, and I don't relate one iota to that mentality.

This point should be # 1, pre-requisite to the others. We know full well how they act. The missing ingredient is a plan on what to do about it. Without it, we're just talking, and there's log of talk so far, but it hasn't changed anything. Something has to really change.

Here's what I'd call a plan: put the neocons, the leaders being the signers of the PNAC, who wrote their philosophy down, signed it, and then acted it out, the war crimes and crimes against humanity, that would be part of such a plan, included. It's one thing to talk about doing these things, although that is called 'conspiracy' when crimes are involved, but that thought aside for the moment, it's quite another to act out such a philosophy. They not only did that, they did in the worst, most depraved way.


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