Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama. What I think

If you've studied the presidental election at all, you must have taken note of how Obama handled AIPAC and Wall Street, since many of the same players are in both places.

But AIPAC is the more important of the two, since they have a strangehold over our foreign policies, and therein lies our greatest problem.

His handling of AIPAC amounted to a bow-low-to-power session, and who knows how much more bowing took place behind the scenes.

If you see these goings on, Washington politics in particular, as I've come to, it's not unlike a chess game.

In this game, we know the McCain rose to candidacy on hero-status alone, so the Republicans put on a good show of coming up with their candidate, but they also knew they had no hope of winning, so didn't waste their big guns on even trying, they just threw McCain in there to look like they were trying.

Behind the scenes, with the folks making the moves, McCain wasn't supposed to actually win, but there is a lot of sentiment out there for war heroes, so he started to garner a lot of votes.

Since Obama was the real "chosen guy", this created a problem. After all, nobody seriously wanted McCain to win.

Now, if you were moving the chess pieces forward, what would be the best thing you can do to hobble McCain? No-brainer: line up Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. You knew all along (because you chose her) that her niavity and ignorance would stop McCain from winning and that it would be reasonably close and even look like a real election, so you'd congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Where do you stand now? You've gotten your man Obama elected, and at the same time convinced people it was a fair and square election that let us choose between America's best and brightest.

You stroke yourself over your brilliant handling of the succession of power, with nothing actually changing while at the same time convincing people by appearances that it will.

There is a wild card though, in the form the King and Queen on the board. Maybe Obama was being sincere in his pledges, or maybe he's just playing the game, knowing the rules, to get elected and then do a turnabout in favor of his more basic feelings.

This is the AIPAC concern. If you dig a little you can find articles such as this that say he really can't be trusted by our rulers.

So what to do? How would you hedge to make sure he'll either be trusted or you can pull an ace in hole if he lets you down?

That means you have to have an ace in the hole. What would a ace look like? One such would be to have the next in line be a person of unquestioned loyalty. See this article among many, where "Biden has frequently described himself as one of Israel's best friends in Washington."

Now that's your established the 2nd in command, who is as often said a mere heart-beat away from the Presidency, if Obama does get out of control, all you have to do is get rid of him to get back to normal.

How hard would it be to get rid of Obama? Hey, with control of the information supply and the headlines, all you'd have to do is make a few mountains from molehills and you got it. You know how easy it is to do because you've got a lot of practice. Just pick any minor transgression, blow it all of of proportion, replay it ten million times, and he's reduced to useless meat as fast as someone could say "what happened to Obama?".

Maybe you're wondering, as I am, just what are Obama's true feelings? Does he really intend to, as promised, become the latest American Presidential lap dog for Israel, or does he really think otherwise? Does he think he's smarter then they are and did all that bowing because he knew he had no chance of getting elected without their nod, and then once elected plan to do as he sees fit? It is a quandary for him because if you look at that he's been saying - and how he's been hiring - he has been talking out of both sides of his mouth. In the jubilation of the moment (getting rid of Bush) this huge hypocrisy is going unnoticed, but it's profoundly, deeply, seriously there without question will lead to a moment of truth pretty soon (as in what he does about our military invasion and mission to secure authority in the Middle East. We pull out, we're defeated and the mission is over. I don't believe for a minute that AIPAC will let that happen).

As to what Obama will really do, a good guess doesn't even come to mind. My (and it should be our) worst fear is that he will play the role as promised, keep his integrity, and finish the job of destroying the American spirit in the unwinnable Middle East crusade.

You may be wondering "how would Omama go against his promises and still keep his integrity?" He has been, in effect, speaking out of both sides of his mouth, so there is a moment of truth on the horizon. If he does the right thing and reneges on his AIPAC promises, how will he withstand the full scale media assault that's sure to follow?

Does he have some chess moves of his own up his sleeve? Is he really smarter then everyone, or are we all just being duped and played for fools again?

Hope does spring eternal, and I'm as hopeful as every other American that he can get this right, but I have to admit to some very serious doubts. With his promises and his hiring, it seems to me that he's already painted himself into a corner.

Why should I or anyone be so concerned? It's the stakes. We're not talking about a chess game, we're talking about our world.


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