Friday, January 30, 2009

No Happy Ending

In this article:

No Happy Ending

Fred Reed writes, much better then I could, the exact sentiments I would write if I were as skilled a writer.

I wouldn't say I have a leg up on him in perspective on the current situation, but I have some serious thoughts about the larger picture and the direction that Fred either doesn't see or doesn't want to say.

We Americans have been massively duped. Our military invasion of the Middle East was the result of AIPAC's strangle-hold over our so-called representatives in Congress, the Neocon gang in Washington, and Soldiers of Israel embedded throughout our information supply. To this day these soldiers spin and weave "news" stories designed to mask this truth and maximize the aggressiveness of our foreign policies, especially in the Middle East.

Where is it going? Fred doesn't step up to this question, but I have no such compunction. I love what I believe America to be all about, and I just can't stand here and watch my beloved country be destroyed because people have been deeply programmed to be terrified of saying anything bad about the Jews.

I'll be perfectly clear because my thoughts are perfectly clear: I don't hate the Jews, I can live side by side with them as well as Indians, Muslims and you-name-it. What I can't live with is the power the Soldiers of Israel have seized in America, what they've done with it, the consequential course of events, and what awaits us if we don't stop them.

What awaits us is more war, more violence, more killing, and more duping at every stage of the descent. I will say that I predicted the attack on New York City, because I did, and then I saw the invasion of the Middle East becoming a disaster before it began. And now I see a direction, a trajectory that has disaster for America written all over it.

You say it's not a disaster - then I say open your eyes and think for yourself. Think about the millions of people who deeply hate us as a result of the horror we've delivered on them, and feel their demand for justice. Feign ignorance if you will, and try to claim you only knew what the TV and the newspapers told you, but if you're reading this, you know and I know better.


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