Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Definition of A "Two-Tiered Justice System" by Glenn Greenwald

If this article gets you to thinking about what justice means in America, what are your thoughts about Bush and his Neocon handlers murdering tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis for no reason whatsoever? Just try to imagine how our soldiers, who did the killing and dying because they believed the pack of lies, feel now that they've had time to reflect?

And what our information supply, the "news", have to say of these monumental travesties? They say we care about Blagojevich and never mind the other things.

Of all the problems that face America, nothing comes even close to the paramount importance of ousting the propaganda machine and it's barons. Fix this problem and others, from democracy on down, will start to fall into place. Don't fix it and God help us all.


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