Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to stop the madness

Juan Cole puts it all together in a post entitled Only a "For America" PAC Can Stop the Madness

The key part of his report:

"'Europe has ceded dealing with the Israelis to the United States. The people of the United States have ceded dealing with the Israelis to the US Congress. The US Congress generally abdicates its responsibilities when faced with large powerful single-issue lobbies such as . . . the Israel lobbies. So Congress has ceded Israel, and indeed, most Middle East, policy to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and its myriad organizational supporters, from the Southern Baptist churches to the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. The Israel lobbies take their cue on what is good policy from the Israeli government and the Likud Party. So, US Israel policy is driven by . . . the Israeli rightwing. That is why Congress voted 309 to five to support Israel's war on the people of Gaza, with 22 abstaining. '"

More on the lobby

Why is this matter so important? In a word: attitude. The attitude of this gang has given us a bad reputation, gotten us into a war, broke our bank, and, as they say of the best con artists "did it in such a way that we thanked the artist for the fucking".

No, it can't be like that! The world isn't a rotten, stinking place desperately in need of the authority of arrogant, belligerent, criminal warmongers.

Here's another "bet you didn't know this" article. US spends more than $52 billion a year on nukes


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