Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great analysis and history of America's biggest problem

Robert Parry provides not only a very good summation of how we got where we are, but also some good insight into what's to come.

Israel's Looming Catastrophe

I would ask you to pay special attention to the part about Jimmy Carter, and how he was dealt with. I think Jimmy Carter is the greatest of all the people the scumbag neocons have disposed of.

While Mr. Parry does spell out how "untenable Israel's long-term position" is, he (reasonably) stops there, not mentioning what this means for America.

Dare I?

Well I will. It's bleak, that's what it is. That's why I take the time out of my demanding schedule to do the only thing I can do: talk.

I'll mention somewhere here that I've seen this coming for years now, since before 9/11 (which I correctly predicted). But I limited talking about what I was learning and feeling to an on-line programmer's forum of several hundred members.

Those "debates" went on for years. It was a very difficult forum for me because a few neocon supporters dominated the forum with posts loaded with every "clever-speak" word the neocon think-tanks came up with (the same arguments heralded by the American information supply, so they had to be right, right? Wrong.).

These people are not smart, but they are determined and clever as Hell. There are always counter-argument to keep debates alive until people tire of them. That is, they NEVER lose. Indeed, persistent and clever often wins, but that doesn't make them smart or wise, just victors, and that's temporary.

Do you (does anyone?) still believe the neocons and their propaganda machine? Look at what they've actually done, and much worse, where it's (we are) heading. We must stop them, replace them, and put them on trial.


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