Friday, February 6, 2009

Endgame? What Endgame?

Here's another article that if you have any interest at all in what's going on with our military crusade in the Middle East, you'll see that Justin Raimondo has done his homework and is asking the right questions.

It boggles the mind to consider the depth and scope of this problem. And it's not an academic, abstract discussion that doesn't involve you, because you're paying for it, and some of you will have children who have or will be killing and dying for it.

What happened, and continues to happen, in the Middle East is the worst thing that ever happened to America, bar none. It's a sinkhole into which we're pouring misery, destruction, our economy and what is left of our stature in the world into.

And the height of this travesty is the "news" on the TV, the giant propaganda machine that's saying everything but what Justin and others have been saying for a long time. How do they get away it? Clever wordsmithing and always having another angle. There is no end to how much bullshit the bullshitters can throw.

Here's another commentary very worth reading

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