Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where are the names?

You would have had to catch it in the "news" because it came and went within a few days - all that "outrage" over the billions of our money passed out on Wall Street from the taxpayer bailout. Obama called it shameful and ... that was it. Few days later, the storm passed and that was the end of it.

What really happened? We were robbed, that's what happened. The bad guys got the money, a fuss was made, and they kept the money. Compare that to, say, someone who walked into a bank and robbed it. We all know what happens to every single guy who ever walked into a bank and robbed it. But what about the suits on Wall Street who did exactly the same thing, only on a scale that boggles the mind to comprehend?

Can you even imagine how much $ 18,000,000,000 is?

Here's a question to ponder: why aren't the names of these people published? If our so-called justice system has no provision to put them into jail - where they belong - why, at the very least, isn't shame being poured all over them?

How many millions of us struggle every day just to make ends meet, and to do so honestly, in the shadow of these titans who rob us blind, send our children to war for their crusade, and make fools of us every step of the way?

America was built on the efforts, sacrifices, determination and vision of many people we rightly look up to as our heroes. I ask you now for the name of even a single contemporary from Wall Street, Washington or any throne of American power today who deserves a seat at their table.


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