Sunday, February 15, 2009

Military issued biometric ID cards

From Iraq From an Armored BMW: Where U.S. 'Reconstruction' Funds Are Really Going

"It's a place where a resident must still carry around a U.S.-issued personal biometric ID card, which must also be shown any time you enter or exit the city if you are local. Such a card can only be obtained after U.S. military personnel have scanned your retinas and taken your fingerprints."

The article is talking about waste and corruption in Iraq, but this passage caught by attention because it broaches a subject that should be deserving of our thinking.

These systems, such as biometric ID cards (Iraq/Afghan), Internet control systems (China), dossiers on each of us (NSA/et al, collectively), are being fine tuned in real-world situations (test cases). They are already highly developed and tested, and the process continues unabated - fueled and fired up by our paranoia driven spending spree since 9/11.

As you may be aware, technology once developed can be replicated in a flash, distributed world-wide, and implemented so fast it can make a person's head spin (indeed, I use these tools for a living, and even my head is spinning as to it's potential). The system they have devised for Iraq could be duplicated here in ... weeks? One more attack. Remember how they blew 9/11 a million times out of proportion? Don't think it was puffery? Compare the massacre in Gaza recently, with similar cost in life and property, and ponder why you saw those towers fall three million times - and not a single image of, say, the destruction of the UN shelter in Gaza? Is that programming, or what? Just imagine what they'll do with another attack? Even a simple little thing, like sending a single suicide bomber somewhere. The warmongers will explode this event on your screen fifteen million times - they will make it look like the devil himself appeared on Earth, and only by ridding the planet of all people who hate us so much they could do such a thing.

When will we learn from history that power really is the ultimate aphrodisiac and that it's appetite only grows? These forces have not only distorted any semblance of what we think America is and should be about, they are getting bolder and cockier by the day.

Are they sending their kids to do the killing and dying? Is it their money being spent? Are they making money off these deals?

That we Americans have been so duped for so long is now unarguable. At first there were reasonable people who did argue, but I figure that by now they have either come around to see the error in their judgment (that they were indeed duped) or are going to cling to the delusional notions and the mind-bending adjustments as they go along. I do believe in the ultimate goodness of America, and that the views I express her are indeed shared by the majority of Americans. I believe the ranks of those still arguing the warmonger case are in the minority, which evokes a question about how that's possible in a republican democracy so eloquently described by Lincoln.

From this same, very informative article is this mention: "When asked what he thought of Obama, he told Richard Rowley, [he said]
"U.S. foreign policy tends not to change with a new president."

How do you think that's possible?


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