Thursday, February 5, 2009

Irrational fear

Cheney Claims ‘High Probability’ of WMD Attack

There is absolutely nothing about this snake, this lunatic, that I admire, but I absolutely agree with him on this claim. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it's just a matter of time until we suffer another attack on our soil. In fact, the only amazement I feel is that it hasn't happened already. If anyone thinks our enemies are defeated or powerless, I'll tell you the story of what Vietnam was like in the weeks before the Tet Offensive.

Why can't we solve this problem? I believe it's because our national psyche has been programmed with an irrational fear of even discussing the root causes for the hatred of America.

The Bush/Neocon gang duped Americans into believing they hate us for our freedoms. Now we hear MSNBC saying they hate us because of the killing and destruction we rained on Iraq and Afghanistan. Sure, what we've done with the military invasion of the Middle East has many-fold increased the hatred, but these are NOT the core reasons.

Just what are the core reasons for the hated of America?

- manipulation of our government and information supply by Soldiers of Israel

- Big Oil barons

- the Military-Industrial Complex

- the underlying tentacles of Wall Street and Big Banking

Each component does what comes natural for their cause, but what about our democracy that is supposed to be watching out for our interests?

People rushed Obama into office believing he finally would represent us, but we're only days into his administration when it's already plain to see that he's just a sugar coated pawn in their game.

In the face of their power, what can 1 person do? Not much. Maybe get thrown in jail. But what about if millions of us ordinary people decided we're really had enough BEFORE another attack?

Not motivated? Then think about what will happen after another attack: think about what martial law looks like. Think about what Internet censorship would really mean. Think about what the ends-justify-the-means gang will do with the weapons and computers we gave them the money to buy. Think about national ID cards, about dossiers on each and every one of us to be used by those with the power of access. Think about what's already happened to your freedoms and the trajectory of what is yet to come. Think about the mentality that drives the crushing of the Palestinian people.



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