Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Iraq speech

From this article in the Huffington Post, Obama is quoted as saying:

"Let me say this as plainly as I can: by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end"

He is either lying, ignorant to the point of stupidity, or he's been duped by paranoid, silver-tongued, greedy, selfish warmongers.

I don't see where he has a history lying, and his credentials seem impeccable, so it appears that he's been duped. Given that Washington has developed a strong and deep history of being duped - most notably into working for Big Money special interests and not the people - this looks like that pattern repeated.

I'm saying this because if he wasn't duped and there is no fog surrounding his thoughts, he would clearly see that you don't leave in place a military occupation of 50,000 troops (or any at all, for matter) in a country you've spent 8 years killing and maiming the population of, and who clearly wants the occupier out. You don't fool yourself into thinking your presence is welcome or will be tolerated, or that you can stand around when the civil war breathing down that country's neck breaks out.

Let's talk about another one of the Big Lies pushed by repetition into America's psyche: the success of the so-called "surge". Do you know what really happened? They paid off the Sunni's. Something like $300 a month each, a living wage in Iraq. It was that action, not the "surge" of troops, that quieted them down. Did you also know they stopped this pay-off a few months ago - expecting the Iraqi government to take over and continue the payments - and that the Iraqi government didn't do that?

But they keep talking about the success of the "surge", pounding it deeper into people's unconscious until they believe it - when it's really just another of their lies.


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