Saturday, February 14, 2009

Violates our primal sense of fairness

From It Couldn't Happen Here. Could It? by Ted Rall
"Communism is dead, most pundits--the mainstream, stupid ones anyway--have been telling us since the USSR shut down in 1991. As it turns out, the libertarians were wrong. Half-right, anyway: Human nature may be inherently individualistic, as free market capitalists claim, but it's also inherently social. When economies boom, most people are sufficiently satisfied to leave well enough alone. Who cares if my boss gets paid 100 times more than I do? I'm doing OK. As resources become scarce, however, we huddle together for protection. The sight of a small rich elite hoarding all the goodies violates our primal sense of fairness."


"A communist revolution in western Europe would be greeted by curiosity and derision in the U.S. state-controlled media. But if such a social upheaval were to protect French living standards from a global Depression spinning out of control, it might also prove inspiring to increasingly desperate Americans."


Also see: The Israeli Smashing of Gaza and International Silence for an "after action" report and some sense of the destruction our money and - we're told - "total support" made possible.

"The sights we saw in Gaza were tragic-a goliath Israel pounding a small Gaza David with international silence and complicity in the 22 day military attack on Gaza and on the 16 month siege of Gaza. 1330 Palestinians have died, 5400 have been wounded and hundreds of thousands with memories of the bombings and invasion and occupation. Over $2 billion will be spent on rebuilding destroyed homes, businesses and factories. And there is SILENCE!!"


1. Didn't America get whipped into a war-crazed frenzy after 3,000 Americans died on 9/11? Is there no comparison at all here? There is silence?

2. How many Americans, on fair presentation of raw, core facts of this country's behavior in the Middle East, really support America's 'total commitment' to Israel? Are there really 300 million or so hardcore warmongers among us, or it is really a mere fraction, who just happen to own the loudspeakers? Methinks

3. Just how much hatred for America must be built up in the world around us before lightning comes out of the dark cloud that the neocon gang invited into our skies?

4. Do you realize how much better off we'd all be from the amazing inventions the history of mankind's inventiveness has laid on our doorstep - if only we didn't fall victim to the likes of our rulers, who have squandered it all in their quest for more power and authority, coincidentally putting us at higher risk for horrible things to happen here then anytime in history?

5. Are we screwed, or are we going to figure out a way to solve our real -core- problem: that there's been a coupe in Washington. With soldiers planted throughout the American mainstream information supply, the duping propaganda machine is humming right along. Are we sheep still being herded to our own oblivion, or are we really millions of individual people who are saying "no more"? How would we know?

I, and I think most thinking people agree that the real solution is to remove big money from politics. As a and institute an Internet based (open source code for inspection/improvement) election system. We need people with our spirit to run our gov't on our behalf. These people exist. We need the mechanics to cull them from the towns they live in to represent us in the way we expect of them. It's really that simple. What we've been getting instead are false choices, thus democracy in name alone. Remove Big Money's choices (that is: the injection of what amounts to pre-conditions for the democratic equation - where we get to chose from their choices; not unlike the fake Israel democracy that starts with the pre-condition that only Jews can run the country, democratic majorities aside, i.e. a pre-condition) and we can salvage the whole thing.

There is so much at stake!


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