Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's big speech - and not a word about ...

Justice for the murders who duped this country into a military invasion of the Middle East and the thieves in the financial system from the Fed to Congress to Wall Street, who robbed us blind.

And not a word about the police state we've become, and those technology-assisted dossiers on each of us that enable those with access to catapult into power over those without it.

And not a word about invigorating the United Nations, the only real hope for world peace.

And not a word about tariffs, which should have been used to keep manufacturing plants and jobs in America while slowly moving towards a world economy.

And not a word about busting up media conglomerates that dominate our information supply.

And not a word about privacy in the information age.

And not a word about almost a million people in jail for pot.


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